This is the exact bracelet that Kem gifted Amber on Love Island

So now you can buy it for bae

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how bloody darn CUTE Kem is? As well as constantly complimenting Amber and telling her how much he likes her, he also went and gave her a bracelet. AWW. But also side note: why has nobody ever done this for us?

Incase you missed it, in a recent episode of Love Island, Kem took Amber aside to declare his undying love for her. And during his speech, he whipped out a Annie Haak bracelet as a gift and as a sign of his commitment to her.

The specific bracelet that we're talking about is the 'Pink Infinity Friendship' bracelet, which is a perfect match to Kem's turquoise one. Because NOTHING says true love like a matching bracelet.

The bracelets both feature an infinity charm, and we can only assume that Kem wanted to gift this to Amber because he truly believes that their love is unbreakable and long-lasting. Well, we'll see about that, considering how she was flirting with Mike in last night's episode.

Anyways, you now know where to buy the unofficial Love Island bracelet, so now you and bae can both wear them and be matching. CUTE.


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