Stop everything. Primark have launched a LOVE ISLAND collection.

Someone heard our prayers

Today's a brilliant day for Love Island fans, is it not? As if the news ITV might be extending the series as it smashes Big Brother in the ratings battle wasn't enough, Primark have just launched actual Love Island clothing and it's everything.

Excuse us while we cancel tonight's plans in favour of plonking ourselves in front of the telly with our personalised Love Island water bottle and #grafting t-shirt. THIS IS LIVING, people.

Watch below: Where are the Love Island lot now?

You heard right - our pals at Primark have recognised the fact the entire nation's swept up in LOVE ISLAND MANIA and launched potentially the best t-shirt collection since Olivia Buckland's latest Miss Pap clobber. They're available from Saturday July 8th and are, predictably, SO GREAT.

A #grafting t-shirt for your fave thirsty fella or female, anyone?

One for Mike...

Just in case Marcel hadn't made the message clear enough.

When groups WhatsApp's poppin' off liiiike...

This has gotta be the absolute fave though, hasn't it? Amber's staple tee from now till eternity.

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Life has well and truly peaked.


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