Missguided are opening a LONDON FLAGSHIP STORE


In news you've probably been waiting literally your entire life for (since 2013ish, anyway), Missguided is opening an actual real life flagship store in the Stratford's Westfield shopping centre, London.

heat has had a long and romantic relationship with the online clothing store since we discovered it a few years ago, and have spent many a Sunday perusing its reasonably priced skirts.

So we're obviously over the moon by the news that it's opening its first ever shop. No longer will we be faced with literally the most laborious task in the world (returning items in the post).

They shared the wonderful news on Twitter, saying: "Sh*t just got real! Our first ever flagship store lands in 3 months @westfieldstrat. Watch this space."

They accompanied the tweet with a pic of a billboard in front of where the shop will imminently be. It reads: "jaw-dropping, unicorn riding, fiercely awesome, ass kicking, rule-breaking, cool AF, trailblazing, magic making, mind blowing, mermaid believing... in-store for you. Our first ever shop is coming soon"


Predictably, Twitter users were just as excited as us by this wonderful news, with one posting: "OMG!! YAASSSSSS!! Cannot wait", and another: "YES, I am so there!".

Can three months hurry TF up, plz.

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