Seven Fancy Dress Costumes For Pets To Make You LOL

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A little bit (read: a lot) of our day at Heat Towers is spent looking at cute animal videos on Facebook. Or, straight up Googling images of dogs in hats. Animals in people clothes are one of life’s joys and, with Halloween just around the corner, we have an actual reason to dress up our own pets.

Instead of spending a few embarrassing hours asking pet shops where they keep inflatable shark fins for dogs, head to eBay for all your costume needs. It’s the go-to destination for all members of the family, including the furry ones. So, grab a dog, cat, hamster or lizard and get shopping (and LOLing)!

1) Villains

There is something incredibly adorable about seeing a soft, loving pet dressed as an evil overlord. The contrast between the two makes for an excess of cuteness! Seeing a cockapoo dressed as a vampire is truly to something to behold.

2) Sailors

We all love a man in uniform, right? Well, a pet in uniform is even more dashing in our books. A regal feline looks so comical dressed as a sailor – you can almost imagine a little line of cats lifting their paws to salute. This is definitely one to buy, purrrly for the lols.

3) Film Inspired

Who you gonna call? A fuzzy rabbit! Ghostbusters costumes complete with power packs; Harry Potter inspired wizard hats (for hedgehogs, no less); it’s all here. We’re so tempted to act out “Yer a wizard, Harry” with our guinea pig, coming soon to a Facebook video near you.

4) Minions

‘Nuff said. You see why they get their own number on this list, despite being from a cartoon film.

5) Humans

It may have been one of Monica from Friends’ pet peeves (see what we did there?), but animals in people clothes bring us so much joy. The best ones use both the front and back legs of a four-legged animal and make their body look like an object being carried between the two. HILARIOUS.

6) Other Animals

Whether you dress your cat as a reindeer, or your dog as a peacock, there is no more suitable time to say “the wackier, the better”. I don't know about you, but these costumes are definitely something to behold.

7) Food

We’ve all quipped that our pet looks cute enough to eat. Now, they really can do! We’re talking pumpkins, hot dogs, bananas, A DILL PICKLE. Your furry friend will look positively scrumptious.

Head to eBay today and grab a costume for you or your pet.

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