Sex & The City is 18! Style lessons we learned from Carrie Bradshaw

Still so right

One of the most influential and pioneering TV shows turned 18 this week and what better way to celebrate than a deep look into the style of the show’s heroine?

Sex & The City helped push boundaries for women, men and the LGBT scene way before Lena Dunham and her GIRLS crew hit the scene. The OR girl squad consisted of at least one personality to match yours or your BFFs. Either that or you figured out (after a few bevvies) that you were totally a mix of Carrie and Miranda and your mate was Samantha with a bit of Charlotte when hungover.

As annoying as Carrie Bradshaw could be, her outfits nearly always hit the mark and ended up spawning entire trends. The show’s stylist Patricia Field made Carrie the one to watch in SATC thanks to a mass of flamboyant, fun and frivolous looks.

It might be a whole 18 years since SATC crashed onto our telly screens but we are definitely still feeling Bradshaw’s vibe.

(BTW, we’re skilfully avoiding any SATC movie refs because, well, you know.)

SATC's Carrie Bradshaw's Style Tricks


Now take a look at the lessons we've learned from these trends that should NEVER have happened:

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