The BEST cruelty-free fake tans you need this summer


The sun has been out for approximately two days this year and we've already spent our entire pay packets on a new summer wardrobe.

This can only mean one thing: bronzed skin is a NECESSITY to go with our new summer dresses.

How do you maintain that perfect summer tan when you have, like, one holiday in July where you'll probably just end up as red as a lobster anyway? Fake tan of course.

And if your jumping on Kendall Jenner's bandwagon of cut off shorts with the ankles still attached (yeah... that’s a thing) then you NEED some tanning lotion to bronze up those pegs.

While we want to look our best, we’re also keen to give our beauty regime an ethical make-over, so we've devised a list of the best cruelty-free fake tans to keep you feeling sun-kissed all year...

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam


With this salon quality tan, you could actually say you "got it from Australia" and it would be basically true! Bondi Sands is Australia's number one self-tanner, and with one product selling every 30 seconds in Boots, it's a must-have!

ST. TROPEZ Bronzing Mousse


Yep, your favourite fake tan IS cruelty free. It's on the pricier side at £31, but streak-free glow is definitely worth the extra pounds.

Eco Tan Invisible Tan


Ever squirted your mousse tan onto your mit to find its completely green? Yep, us to. Avoid the fear of looking like the Hulk with this award-winning tan, it's made from cacao to prevent the green and orange undertones found it most other products!



This lightweight mousse develops in three hours and lasts for ten days! Infused with aloe and green tea, it also hydrates your skin. We much prefer the healthy, hydrated look to the shrivelled up lobster!



If you can't tell, we're kind of MADAME LA LA addicts here at heatworld. They're face tanner is another favourite you NEED in your summer beauty collection. It adapts to your skin tone as it develops, and contains anti-ageing ingredients like Vitamin A, C and E!

Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion


This organic self-tan is perfect for applying to the face (and body) if you’re brave enough! Filled with natural ingredients, it delivers a smooth, natural looking tan.

Alba Botanica Sunless Tanner


Sick of smelling like biscuits? This super cheap tan is so natural you don't even have to worry about the dreaded false tan smell! Developing in less than three hours, you can pop this on in the morning and look bronzed by midday.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Gradual Tanning Moisturizer


If you're not a full-fledged tanning addict like us, but want a healthy glow for spring, this is the one for you. Not only does this build your tan while moisturising your skin, it also SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE! Sounds perfect to us...

Sienna x Gradual Self Tan Lotion


With almond oil and cocoa butter, this moisturising tan also eliminates the build-up of cellulite...BRB NEED THIS ASAP.

Xen-Tan Tanning Lotion


This best-seller is a celebrity favourite due to how natural it looks on the skin. It also comes without the typical fake tan smell and lasts at least ten days!

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