Denim hair: Everything you need to know about beauty's newest obsession

Match your locks to your skinnies

Just when we get our head around the fact that all the cool kids have been dying their hair Iron Lady grey to channel granny chic, a brand new hair trend rears its lustworthy head on Instagram. Shelve your silver wash-in for a bit because the coolest way to wear hair for Spring 2016 is DENIM. We don’t mean rough and thick a la a pair of hipster selvedge trews, no, this trend celebrates shades of the denim rainbow. A dreamy jean-y prospect for jeans fans.

New hair trend

Colour chameleons have been dying their bonce’s various shades of blue to imitate the appearance of jeans. Whether it’s a pale washed out blue, deep indigo or grey-blue, the only colour we’re keen on for SS16 is denim. For now.

Denim hair: new for spring

Fancy trying out denim hair? To get an in-jean-ious ‘do worthy of an Insty hashtag it’s best to start with pale locks. All over bleach or ombre-d lengths will soak up the temporary dyes.

Take a blue temporary hair dye (we love Fudge Paintbox in Blue Velvet) and mix with a pasteliser (Fudge Paintbox Whiter Shade of Pale) to get your desired denim shade.

Get the denim hair look

Protect hands with latex gloves (denim mitts are not a thing – yet) and slick Vaseline around the hairline before applying your mixture to towel dried hair.

Use a tint brush to make sure your mixture is evenly applied. After 15 – 30 minutes rinse until the water runs clear. Shampoo and condition hair to ensure it’s super clean and nourished before drying and styling your new denim ‘do ready for an Insty #selfie.

Shades of blue have also been woven in with soft greys and greens giving the wearer the sort of hair a mermaid would gush over. Just in case you needed even more encouragement to dive into the blue...

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