Festival hairstyles to keep you looking hot all weekend

Ratty locks are a no-no

We've told you what to buy and who to take style inspo from, now we're all about making your bonce look fabulous at a festival.

As much as we love a good festival, 3 days spent rolling around in the mud is a long time to dodge a shower. Even if you’re lucky and the heavens hold, hair will become dirty thanks to sweat, mud and beer (we always get drenched). Figuring out ways to make your follicles look fit all festival is a very important bit of beauty prep.

When packing your rucksack make sure you include some festi-hair kit essentials. Things like dry shampoo (obvs), snag-free bands, Kirby grips, fun clips, a Tangle Teezer and hairspray will save you life (too dramatic?). But what to do with your tools once you’ve packed them? We reckon the following styles are the easiest way to still look hot 3 days into even the dirtiest of festivals…

Festival Ponytails

A Madonna-style high pony looks fun and gives the face a cheeky lift, essentail for baggy post-party eyes. Invest in some coloured hairsprays and give your ‘tail a spritz to reach full unicorn status. Got shorter hair? Pull into a mid messy ponytail and leave strands loose then scrunch with hairspray.

Festival Bob Hairstyles

Get rid of a greasy fringe by twisting front sections of hair then pinning a la Sienna. Dose the rest of your bob with dry shampoo for texture. Or make like Dakota Johnson and craft a half-up bun.

Festival Buns

A triple dinosaur bun looks hipster and keeps strands away from sticky beer mitts. We also love a centre-parted low bun. Teamed with round sunnies and a leather jacket – so 90s.

Festival Plaits

Day-old festival hair can handle something simple like a loose side plait or a rough up fishtail. Want a style that will take you the whole way through? Boxer braids like Karlie’s look cute even post-sleep.

Festival Double Buns

What's better than a single bun? Double baby! Divide hair into 2 sections then pull into high ponytails before twisting and pinning into big buns. Or go halvesies like Ariana.

Festival Hair Accessories

Let 1st day locks be left loose and free then add fun with extras like bright clips and head chains. Way cooler than a predictable floral crown.

Festival High Street Buys

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