Hot Hair Trend! Go 90s with gems

Remember way back when piling as many sparkly hair gems into your barnet was the thing to do? Well, guess what? It’s time to dig out those little clips because 90s hair gems are officially a thing again thanks to Instagram.

Forget the fluttery butterfly clips – 2016’s gem craze is way cooler than anything you did as a 13-year-old Wigfield fan. Think a smattering of stars, boxer braids with punky rings or a few well placed sparklers on a loose ‘n’ low bun.

Here are some of our fave #HairGems Insty posts to fill you with follicle inspiration…

Floral Hair Gems

Teeny Star Hair Gems

Ponytail Hair Gems

Perfect for Bobbed Hair

Or a Low Pony

Braids'N' Rings

Now take a look at these trends that should NEVER have happened:

Heat magazine cover