How to: Contour like Kim Kardashian

It's not easy...

Ever wondered how much work goes into Kim K's face every single day? The reality TV babe is a MAJE fan of contouring, relying on the make up technique to change the shape of her face on a daily basis. In a bit of a massive gaff, someone failed to set Kimmy’s contouring during Paris Fashion Week and it, erm, slipped. We reckon that ‘someone’ was probably shipped right out of Paris pronto.

After seeing this mishap, we got the fear. If Kim can get it wrong just imagine how we’d fare? What if we ended up with our nose on our forehead?!

To avoid a slippage or, god forbid, worse we sent heat's Ellen for a masterclass in Kimmy K Kontouring courtesy of the skills of Charlotte Savoury for Illasmasqua.

SPOILER It took 2 and a half hours and used a LOT of make up.

Still fancy it?

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