heatworld's 8 fave cruelty free eyeshadow palettes

Your eyelids are about to look LIT AF

Eyeshadow palettes are having a seeerious moment right now and, on any given payday, you can find us scampering off to the shops to spend all our money on the latest we've seen on Instagram.

YES, we need to be more organised with our finances, but at least our eyelids are LIT.

All ours come from our fave cruelty free brands, so we made a handy lil list for you.

Too Faced: 'Natural Eyes'


Too Faced are fast establishing themselves as absolute queens of eyeshadow palettes, basic bitches like us would literally (not literally) throw our nans down a well to get our hands on.

'Natural eyes' is one of their most popular – and we can see why. We couldn't live without it, tbh.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: 'Modern Renaissance Palette


It's a bit on the pricey side, but this palette features a huuuge range of neutral and berry tones, which we literally need in our lives.

Kat Von D: 'Shade And Light'


This super handy (and super affordable) lil palette will appeal to both those on a budget, and those who are a bit shite at eye make-up. It's available in four combinations, and comes with a 'How To' guide to help you lift and define your eyes.

Charlotte Tilbury: 'Luxury Palette'


Many will be aware that we're Charlotte Tilbury MEGAFANS here at heatworld. Is there anything more satisfying than a payday splurge in one of her stores?

No, there isn’t.

We've got the Luxury Palette lined up for our next one – we're particularly obsessed with The Rock Chick and Dolce Vita (mostly because of their edgy AF names).

Winky Lux: Smoke and Roses


This is super compact, super blendable, and all round super. (Soz)

Kat Von D: 'Chrysalis'


The packaging alone on this one is enough to convince us to splurge money we don't have on perhaps the prettiest palette on this list.

It's inspired by the hues of a butterfly, and features an array of highly blendable bold colours. We're obsessed.

Urban Decay: Nocturnal


Urban Decay were pretty much the people that first made us fall in love with eye shadow palettes – and we basically die of excitement when they introduce new ones like this Nocturnal to their selection.


Urban Decay: Naked3


The Urban Decay Naked palettes are arguably the most important make-up bag staple, let's be real.

(NB: Some on this list are owned by parent companies that are not cruelty free. However, the brands themselves are certified cruelty free and do not test on animals. None of the products on this list have themselves been tested on animals)

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