Easter Nails: Mini Eggs, bunnies and chicks!

Bunnies are cute. Fact.

While we’re enjoying a break from nutty nail art in everyday life, we can’t deny the seasonal fun factor of a fun manicure. Hence why we’re going to be decking our nails in all things cute ready for Easter! Chocolate eggs and sweet-as manicures. Consider us sold on an Easter mani.

Easter Nail Stickers

The easiest (read: laziest) way to work some seasonal fun into your look is with a rack of cutesy stickers. Simply paint your nails with your chosen background shade then layer stickers over the polish. Finish with a slick of clear gloss to secure your little pals in place.

Easter Nail Designs

Is there anything cuter than a bunch of bunnies at Easter? We don’t think so. Go all out and paint a warren of the fellas on each nail or add a subtle rabbit to each ring finger. Tip: use a fine paint brush to get the detail and ear bends.

Or use your fave choccy eggs as inspo? These pastel coloured speckled nails are cool and easier than you think to achieve. Paint nails in alternating pastel polishes (preferably matte like actual Mini Eggs) then use a spotting tool to add random brown splodges.

Easter acrylic nails

If you’re a fan of Kylie Jenner-style acrylic extensions, these egg hunt design might be for you. Unless you’re a dab hand with your art kit hit the salon to make sure your eggies don’t end up looking like splodges.

Easter Nail Inspo

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