Everyone's going WILD for this purple primer and here's why

It's a tiny mauve miracle

It's Monday morning and our face still hasn’t recovered from the various forms of torture we put it through this weekend. If the excessive alcohol and layers of make-up weren't enough, the sub-zero temperatures we endured have definitely taken their toll. Not gonna lie, there's still remnants of Friday night's mascara under our eyes, don’t judge us.

We've been in search of something to freshen up our faces and restore a little bit of life into our dull Monday morning complexions and HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE LORD, we think we've found it.

Jumping on the colour-changing and colour-correcting bandwagon which is storming the beauty world RN, Becca's First Light Priming Filter primer is a little purple elixir of liiiiiife. Inspired by the cool freshness of dawn, the violet tones create a brightening effect and soft, subtle glow which blends translucent on your skin.

Unlike some of the other primers on the market, the formula is packed full moisture rich ingredients, including spring water, prickly pear flower and rejuvenating ginger. There's also Sodium Hyaluronate for a youthful plumping effect.

Just LOOK at that dewy glow in this before and after pic.

The primer is said to eliminate the five signs of Bad Face Day, combatting a dull complexion, blemishes and enlarged pores.

Becca, Frist Light Priming Filter, £32 at

We legit need to order it in by the truckload as we're currently in the midst of a Bad Face Month after our decision to side-line Dry January this year. BIG mistake.


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