Festival beauty trends: glitter, sequins and gems!

Let your face have some fun

We have already grafted to bring you the best high street festival buys, hairstyles and celeb inspo looks – now we’re focusing on fun. Going to a festival means you can go all out and do things to your hair and face that you might never do at home. Glitter eye bags! Golden tattoos! Stick-on gems! It’s an opportunity to let your inner Barbie Girl or hippy disco queen run free.

Glitter Freckles

If you're the proud owner of a smattering of natural freckles why not grab a pot of gold pigment dot over your freckle spots? Or, if you're freckle-free, use the end of a make up brush and go to town! Dot random smudges over bronzed cheeks and the bridge of the nose where the sun naturally hits.

Disco eyes

Got eye bags for daysssss? You should if you’ve been having the festival experience of dreams. Instead of slapping on the concealer, try dabbing balm below your eyes then dusting loose glitter over disguise. Adding few stick on gems is even more fabulous.

Highlighter decoration

For something a bit less out there take a pearly highlighter and place dots along brows for an ethereal look like Gigi Hadid’s.

Rave eyes

For anyone looking to indulge in something major, this multi-glitter and gem disco look is it. Pack a good lash glue like Duo to keep your sparkles in place.

Forehead glitter

If in doubt, cover your forehead and brows in dazzling glitter dust and sequins! Keep everything else minimal and polished. We love this winning festival look.

Festival High Street Buys

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