The first Beauty and the Beast makeup collaboration is here and we are so excited RN

We NEED it all.

Over the past three years, MAC has partnered with Disney twice — with a Maleficent-themed line and a Cinderella-themed line.

Following that logic, we assumed there would be a MAC x Beauty and the Beast Collection.

But, it looks like L'Oréal has beaten them to it.

As Beauty and the Beast is set to launch in cinemas just next month, our excitement is reaching fever pitch RN.

We’ve now seen three trailers, and even heard our first glimpse of Emma Watson – who plays Belle – singing.

And it’s just as good as you’ve always imagined.

Then, news hit that there’s a new Beauty and the Beast inspired nail polish collection ready to hit the shelves this month.

And before we start looking at the products, can we please just take a moment to appreciate the AMAZING packaging.

The limited edition collection includes seven different lipstick shades, which each cost just over £11. While each also has a matching nail polish costing £6.

What more could you want?

They are able to buy separately, or you can buy the whole lot for £94.

Each colour is associated with a character, which we LOVE.

Lumiere has the perfect nude combo, Belle has a classic matching red combo, while the Beast has a '90s style dark brown lipstick, with a blue nail polish.

The infamous rose even gets its own 'rose red' lipstick and metallic grey nail colour – YAAAAS.

Now here comes the bad news. The collection is sadly exclusive to Amazon Italy and will not be launching in the UK.

However, Amazon does ship worldwide, so it's definitely worth checking the site on 9th February when the collection launches.

Go get ‘em!

Now let’s take a look at the BEAUTIFUL collection:

Heat magazine cover