Hunger Games make-up is coming because WHY NOT

Beauty brands have really been upping their game this year.

Not that we’ve mentioned it 3908250 times already, but Charlotte Tilbury has finally upgraded the dream shade that is Pillowtalk from pencil to full-on lipstick.

There is officially a Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion bubblebath available to us mere muggles, just to make your bathtime that bit more magical.

And there are even some Beauty and the Beast themed nail varnishes to whet your appetite before the live-action film starring Emma Watson is released in March.

Now, just when we thought that the whole brand-meets-franchise thing was at its peak, we get THIS.

And it’s given us a bit of an excited twitch.

The masterminds behind the Harry Potter wand make-up brushes are teaming up with The Hunger Games to produce a collaboration that is bound to be so amazing that we are one hundred per cent sure even Katniss would crack a smile.

Remember the HP brushes? They look like this:

Teasing their fans on Instagram, Storybook Cosmetics posted a picture of the upcoming collaboration and our hearts stopped.

That’s Katniss’ pin right there – the arrow and the jabberjay.

What goods are they going to be creating for us? Will they all be luxury District 1 themed products, or will we be seeing some super high-tech gadgets to represent District 3?

Will they be creating a whirlwind of colours to emulate the Capitol’s gaudy style?

And will they be making bow-and-arrow makeup brushes and jabberjy themed palettes in honour of Katniss?

So. Much .Yes

We’re hoping for all of the above.

Although Storybooks Cosmetics haven’t confirmed a date, we’ll be bookmarking their Insta so that we know the INSTANT anything is announced.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

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