Galaxy freckles are your new Instagram beauty obsession - and they are GORGEOUS

Believe it or not, being touched by an alien has actually become a beauty statement

The hottest new trend sweeping Instagram is #galaxyfreckles – and they're every bit as beautiful as they sound.

This cosmic-inspired makeup trend has been flooding Instagram this summer, with bloggers and makeup artists around the world taking inspiration from the heavens.

Perfect for a glam festival look, with the mixture of nebula colours, faux freckles and plenty of glitter - you will look like E.T has coughed on your face (in a totally good way).

How to do galaxy freckles

Start with your normal foundation routine to get a dewy base, and slick on a decent eye-primer (we love Urban Decay's, £8) for ultimate staying power.

Next, take the most space age-y colours in your eyeshadow palette (MAC's Runway Worthy nine-shade palette, £25 is ideal) and wash them over your cheeks, eyelids and nose with a fan brush, blending them together to avoid jarring lines.

If you find the glitter isn't sticking, apply tiny dots of eyelash glue where you need it, and bippity-boppity-BOOM: it stays.

You can also use blue, purple and pink lipsticks (NYX's Intense Butter Gloss in Berry Strudel, £3.70, is perf) to get the look – just slick them over your cheekbones and blend in with a sponge.

This is one of those looks where the more highlighter you use, the better. Shine bright like a diamond with Sleek Makeup's Solstice Highlighting Palette, £9.99.

To finish, take a white eyeliner pencil (try NYX Slide On Pencil in Pure White, £5) and draw on delicate stars and dots to turn your face into a cosmic masterpiece.


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