Katy Perry is launching a mermaid-inspired makeup line


If we had to pick one celeb to launch a makeup collection inspired by magical and mythical creatures, it would hands-down one hundred per cent be Katy Perry. From sea-blue to bubblegum pink, she's pretty much had every hair colour under the sun and has proved quirky can be bloody beautiful.

She's LA's resident mermaid and so it comes as little surprise her latest collaboration with CoverGirl Cosmetics is inspired by the sirens of the sea.

The collection boasts four new eyeliners, four lipsticks and two shadow-and-highlighter duo palettes.

Speaking to PopSugar, Katy revealed: "In the next evolution of my Katy Kat line with CoverGirl, I was inspired by Spring's upcoming mermaid and pearlescent hues."

Our fave kinda hues.

She continued: "There are new fun and cheerful colours ranging from peachy Apricat to a Bluetiful lip, shimmery highlighters in rose and gold, and a pop of Whispurr white or Purmaid green to line your eyes.

"If you're more classic but still want some fun, I put glitter in the black liners. You'll make Ariel jealous, and look better than a shimmering Easter basket when you're done."

Sounds bloody heavenly, if you ask us.

Katy recently released a new absolute banger Chained To The Rhythm, which you can listen to here, and debuted a FIERCE new look.

Katy's new Katy Kat collab will be available online at in early March.


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