Kourtney Kardashian talks breakouts, bronzer and skincare secrets

heat caught up with the selfie loving, make up obsessed, all-round glam queen to chat all things gorgeous...

How Kourtney beats breakouts

What's your best skincare tip?

Sleep on a satin pillowcase, I’ve done it for 20 years - and try to sleep on your back. I know it’s difficult! Plus never sleep in your make up. I never do unless I’m on a plane and I know there will be paps at the airport! I don’t do facials - they make me break out and so does using lots of products. I don’t use much moisturiser but I do use sunscreen everyday!

What’s your biggest skin challenge?

Definitely breakouts. Like today, I know I have a breakout, it’s because of the travelling.

Kourtney on travelling the world

You travel a lot - what are your travelling tips?

Force water down your throat! Take a silk travel pillow and try to rest as much as possible. I also always keep my travel bag packed - face wipes, hand sanitiser, phone charger and Manuka lip plumper.

And when you're on the go and have 5 minutes to get ready - what's your routine?

I would skip eyes and lips and just curl my lashes to look alive and decent and then do some contouring with bronzer, I prefer to focus on skin.

What’s the difference between your UK and your US fans?

The UK fans are friendlier and more polite! They’re really sweet.

And not every Kardashian beauty moment is perfect...

Have you ever had a beauty disaster?

Yes! I can have too much going on if I do a lip and an eye and I think we all went through that too much highlighter phase!

Who is your red carpet icon?

Everybody looks bad on the red carpet! The lighting is awful and you can take much better selfies! But my beauty icon is Audrey Hepburn.

What's your current fave beauty product?

I like the Manuka Doctor Gold Dust Firming Serum, I like the shimmer it gives, I like it under makeup for a little glow and I love Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer and Highlighter.

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