Kylie Jenner is launching the highlighters of your actual dreams

So you can shine like the queenz you are

Beauty queens gather round, 'cause we've got some exciting make-up news for you that will probably change your lives forever / not actually change your lives but will make your face shine like it was carved by the gods. For real.

Kylie Jenner is releasing a collection of six magnificent highlighters as part of her latest surprise Kylie Cosmetics launch. You treat us so good Kyles.

Can you guess what these illuminating compacts of pure joy are called? Kylighters, duh – and the six shades are all dessert-themed (probably cos they're SWEET AF lololol).

Kylie gave us all a little sneak-peek of the new launch on Snapchat and this is what they look like.

Banana Split Kylighter

French Vanilla Kylighter

Salted Caramel Kylighter

Cotton Candy Cream Kylighter

Strawberry Shortcake Kylighter

Chocolate Cherry Kylighter

We can't wait to wear them all at once and head out on the town looking like a glittery version of the dessert trolley at our local Italian restaurant.

And we don’t even have that long to wait before we can get our highlighter owwwwwn as the Kylighters will be available to by on 28 February at 11pm UK time. YAAAAAS.


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