Kylie Jenner tell us she ‘can’t leave the house without lip liner' and 'North West inspires me!'

We caught up with KJ at her Nip+Fab launch

What better way is there to spend a sunny Saturday morning than with the coolest Jenner!

We trekked out to Westfield Vue Cinema in Shepherd’s Bush, London to celebrate Kylie Jenner’s announcement as ambassador for beauty brand Nip+Fab with the 17-year-old herself.

KJ first shared her love for the brand 8 months ago when she posted pics of her fave products on Insty. Now Nip+Fab have snapped Kim’s little sister up as their new ambassador.

Arriving a little late (we forgive you, Kyles) but looking cray-cray hot, Jenner happily posed for pics before taking centre stage for a chat with MTV presenter Becca Dudley.

Here’s what we learned from the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner Klan...

London = YES

“I’ve only been to London once before. It’s not that cold here! [Last night] I went on the London Eye. I’ve never been before so that was cool. It was fun. We went to Nobu after that.”


“Somebody was using the Nip+Fab Dragons Blood Fix on a photo shoot and I just fell in love. It’s really good.”

Under Pressure

“How does it feel being a style icon? I’ve used the same stylist for my whole life, Monica Rose. It’s a lot of pressure! But it’s fun.”

Off Duty

“Every time the paparazzi catches me I’ve always just come straight out of bed and wearing my sweats! But it’s… whatever.”

Style crushes

“To keep it in the family, I love Kim and Kanye’s style. They definitely inspire me. North probably inspires me the most! But Kim and Kanye’s style is the best. Kim’s always in the latest stuff. I always look to her for advice and stuff.”

Define Beauty

“I always see girls and I think they’re most beautiful when they’re not wearing anything and have really dewy skin. I’m, like, “Ugh, you’re SO pretty.” I’m obsessed with make up so I’m not gonna NOT wear any, I think it’s really pretty when I see other girls not wearing any.”

Skin Tips

“I use a lot of scrubs. Nip+Fab’s Yoga Scrubs are really amazing. I like to use the lavender one before bed because it calms me. Moisturiser is good. And take your make up off before you go to bed!”

KoKo Knows Best

“Put sunscreen on your hands and face. You can tell somebody has aged by their hands. Khloe, my older sister, always told me to put sunscreen on my hands.”


“Having great skin makes me feel great! Who wants bad skin? A huge part of it is drinking a lot of water. I drink a lot of pressed juices like carrot.”

Daily Beauty

“Everyone always thinks I have this one specific lip colour but I have, like, 10 different nudes. I can’t live without my strip lashes! For night I usually add a lot of glitter.”

Bag It

“My handbag isn’t as neat as people probably think it is. I have so many lip liners! I can’t leave the house without lip liner. Then I have the Dragons Blood Fix Serum [£19.95] because I love moisturiser and I always have sunglasses just in case. And Chapstick.”

Gym Bunny NAHT

“I have not worked out a day in my life! It’s really bad. I’m gonna start this month. I need to just for health reasons. I feel like all the food I eat is catching up to me though as I get older.”

Pamper Night

“I usually just take a shower or bath for, like, 2 hours, and scrub my whole body. Scrub my fake tan off! I love lotions so all of these Nip+Fab Yoga lotions are amazing. And I put my hair in coconut oil.”


“I go to Coachella. Would I camp? Oh no. My festival essentials? This year I want to do some crazy hair!”

Pic credit: @kyliejenner, @heatworld, @kimkardashian

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