We are so in love with MAC's latest launches

We need them right now.

Every time we hear about a new makeup release, it feels like another Christmas.

We almost squealed in excitement when we saw these TWO latest releases from MAC.

They are shimmery goodness and quite possibly the prettiest things we've ever seen.

These were spotted backstage at NYFW and are supposedly set to be released in Autumn.


But that's not where it ends.

There are also these extra dimension strobe blushes, which look super pigmented and SO dreamy.

We're not sure whether we can wait until Autumn for these babies.

To keep us going until then, we have this AMAZING Beauty and the Beast collaboration with L'Oréal.

Just look at the incredible packaging, let alone the actual products. With a colour coordinating to each character in the upcoming film, you'll have a hard time choosing which to go for.

We have also just seen the release of this new lipstick collection from Hourglass, in an impressive 20 shades. Each shade stands for a different quality, like activist, lover and warrior.

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