There's a MAC 'BASIC BITCH' eyeshadow palette and it is EVERYTHING

YAAAAAAAAS has never been so appropes

We've got no shame in admitting we're basic AF here at heat hq.

We proudly on sip our Starbucks one-shot-skinny-caps, Velvet Teddy lipstick stains strategically on show in our 'candid' Insta snaps (captioned with the peace sign emoji, obvs) as we chat about how LIT the Kardashians are. Oh and we call each other 'hun' (un-ironically), sorry not sorry.

Being a basic bitch is more than just a look, it's a way of life. And we bloody love it.

Sooooo, you can imagine our pure and utter joy when we found out that MAC are launching a new 'Basic Bitch' eyeshadow palette. WE KNOW – we haven't been this excited since Urban Decay's Naked 3 hit the shelves.

The palette is being used backstage at Milan Fashion Week, and MAC's Senior Artist Netta Szekely gave us a little sneak peek at what's inside.


From a metallic maroon called Shy Girl, via textured browns and nudes, to a glorious pale pink base colour called Love This Bitch, the palette literally give us liiiiiife.

ALAS, just when we thought we'd died and gone to basic bitch heaven, MAC took our pink and sparkly hearts and squashed it in their perfectly matte-manicured hands as it turns out this palette will not be available in the UK.


BRB we're off to drown our sorrows in Pornstar Martinis and post an inspirational quote on Insta to help us through this dark, dark time.

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