MAC are launching a rainbow range of lipsticks and OMG


If you’re not making New Year’s resolutions to sort your life out, are you even in 2017?

We’ve been scouring the deep, dark depths of the internet to find out what this year is going to bring us in terms of beauty trends and it’s all very exciting.

You’ve probably already ordered your very timely Beauty and the Beast inspired nail polishes (if you haven’t, WHY NOT?).

You might even have been lucky enough to get your hands on one of Kylie Jenner’s brand new eyeshadow palettes before they sold out in nine minutes flat.

But if you haven’t, fear not because there are many more make-up surprises in store for you this year.

One of them being that MAC, all around good guys for our faces, have a brand new range of rainbow coloured lipsticks and we just can’t deal.

That’s right people, you’ll be wanting to leave the nudey and broody lip colours safely in 2016 once you’ve seen these beauties.

See? We were not lying.

Fancy yourself a turquoise pout? No problem.

Is smoky lavender-grey more your thing? You’re covered there, too.

The MAC geniuses have released 28 bold and bright lippies so that you can go wild.

Because who doesn’t miss the purple lipstick your twelve-year-old-self bought way back when?

Of course, there are a few tamer colours in there too for those who don’t fancy taking the neon plunge, but can you really resist going all out when you look at this?

Nah, we didn’t think so.

The Colour Rocker collection will be available from 26th January until 9th March so stick a reminder on your phone because we have a feeling these are going to sell out like hot (and deliciously-coloured) cakes.

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