THIS is the new crazy Instagram beauty trend that everyone's obsessing over...

From over lined lips a la Kylie Jenner to ‘on-fleek’ eyebrow maintenance, we’ve tried just about everything to keep up with the ever changing world of Instagram beauty trends over the past year. But this one could be even more bizarre and colourful than the brightly dyed eyebrows we were all giving a go last month.

Forget the faux freckle pencil, because now it’s all about RAINBOW freckles. Yep, that’s right, dotting actual coloured freckles over your nose and cheekbones is now a thing.

And the pioneer of such a trend? We wondered the same. Turns out, it was a beauty vlogger called Batalash Beauty (otherwise known as just Dominique) that shed some light on the quirky trend - she posted a rainbow freckle tutorial on her YouTube page.

In the tutorial, Dominique explains exactly how to achieve the rainbow freckles of dreams. She says that she doesn’t like the freckles to be completely symmetrical and that she goes lower with the pattern on one side of her face so that they look more natural. She also advises that anyone wanting to take on this trend properly uses liquid lipstick on the back of their hand, applied to the face delicately with a fine brush.

To finish, Dominique says the best way to set the freckles is with a light dusting of translucent powder. Who knew there would be so much to it, eh?

The tutorial has inspired many to give the look a go themselves, using all sorts of crazy colours and patterns - and here are a few:

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