We're obsessed with this Beauty and the Beast-inspired nail polish

One of each, please.

With every Beauty and the Beast trailer release, our obsession grows slightly more out of control.

No really, our excitement is going through the roof right now.

The latest teaser showed off Emma Watson’s beautifully British voice singing for the first time EVER.

The snippet might only be thirty seconds long but it’s giving us serious goose bumps.

But now, our excitement has reached peak.


Because there is a new Beauty and the Beast inspired nail polish collection ready to hit the shelves in February.


The seven-shade collection features some seriously dreamy hues.

There is Be Our Guest (creamy pink), The Last Petal (pearly red), Gaston And On And On (baby blue), Days in the Sun (bright yellow), and Potts of Tea (alabaster).

We’ll have one in every shade, thank you.

While perhaps the most standout of all is an overcoat called Enchanted Patina, which changes the color beneath it to look more antique.

The ladies over at Popsugar have tested the product already (yes, we’re jealous) and just LOOK at the results:

The nail polishes launch February 2017 at and while Beauty and the Beast is set for release in March 2017.

Here’s the trailer to get you ready:

Heat magazine cover