The Pillowtalk dupes you NEED in your life (that are ALL under a fiver)

Did we mention that Charlotte Tilbury released Pillowtalk as a lipstick?

Yeah, we thought so.

The beauty brainbox first gave us the shade of our dreams in the form of the Pillowtalk lip liner, and ever since we’ve been parading around with nineties lips to rival Kylie Jenner.

(OK maybe that’s just in our dreams but whatever.)

But for those of you who have never experienced the magic that is Pillowtalk thanks to the hefty price tag, fear not!

In celebration of the dreamy pink lip, we have rounded up all of the best Pillowtalk lip liner dupes that will satisfy your craving for a fashionable pout and a charge-free overdraft.

5 - Primark Lip Liner in Pink (it’s only £1.00)

No, you’re not still half asleep following a spontaneous mid-week knees up, this lip liner really is just ONE POUND.

As expected, the quality isn’t going to be on par with Pillowtalk BUT if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative that will give you the same full, pinky lip, you can’t really get much cheaper than this.

Primark, £1.00

4 - NYX Professional Makeup Lip Liner in Peekaboo

At just £3.00, this liner is an absolute bargain! We can’t believe how similar it is to the CT version. There’s literally no excuse now – 90s lips are there for the penny-friendly taking.

Boots, £3.00

3 - L’Oreal Paris Les Lipliner Couture by Colour Riche in Beige 630

This quality lip liner is not only a quarter of the price, but it’s so close to the Pillowtalk shade that no one will ever know.

The difference lies in the texture – where Charlotte Tilbury retains it’s super softness, the L’Oreal pencil is slightly firmer – but a fab swap if you need to be thrifty without compromising quality.

Boots, £3.99

2 - Max Factor in Pink Petal

The most expensive of the dupes will set you back a WHOPPING fiver.

Sensing the sarcasm? Good, because this is a gorgeous little pencil that will have you hooked.

Boots, £4.99

1 - WINNER! - Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in EastEnd Snob

Coming in at number one, it HAS to be Rimmel, baby! This liner gets rave reviews and some have even claimed to have completely swapped Pillowtalk for EastEnd Snob.

It’s a bold statement, but one we can completely understand. For £3.99 you can get your barely-there pout without pouting because you’re broke.

Boots, £3.99

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