Release your inner unicorn with these MAGIC highlighter drops

Because, why not?

Ever finished putting on your make-up and thought to yourself that you needed to look a bit MORE like a beautiful, mythical creature?

Ever considered just a tad more highlighter to look like a gorgeous, sparkling mermaid or a shimmering, playful unicorn?

Ever just said to yourself: “I wanna look sparkly AF?”

Well, if any of those thoughts have ever crossed your mind – and we hear you, they cross ours every day – then you are in luck.

Because Cover FX have created something so wonderful, so magnificent, so damn showy that you’ll never want to leave the house without it.

Last summer, the make-up brand gave us the magic that was the Custom Enhancer Drops that enabled us to brighten up our cheeks like never before.

But now, they’ve taken things one step further with three brand new shades, Blossom, Rose Gold and Halo.


Whether you’re digging a pearly pink shade, a soft rose colour, or you want to go full-on unicorn with a purpley tint, they’ve got you covered.

And we all thought Christmas was over.

The magical drops can be mixed in with your skincare or make-up products to produce the shimmer to end all shimmers.

All you have to do is add it to your foundation, moisturiser or serums for complete and utter radiance on an off-the-charts scale.

Or just dab it on in its purest state and prepare to dazzle.

The new shades come in at £34 each but can you really put a price on holographic cheeks?

Circle 1st April in your diary if the answer is no.

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