Guys and gals, there's been an update on Sephora coming to the UK

Beauty queenz unite

When we first heard the rumours that Sephora would be returning the UK way back in September 2016 we were pretty much beside ourselves with joy.

2016 had been a bit of a shitter of a year (RIP Great British Bake Off and Brangelina), but finally we thought we had something to look forward too. The news broke on Twitter that Sephora would be opening a store in Stratford's Westfield shopping centre in London and we thought we'd be reunited with our favourite beauty emporium.

No longer would we be forced to max out our credit cards on lavish trips to the cotenant just for a bi-annual Sephora beauty haul.

Skincare blogger Caroline Hirons appeared to confirm the news in October and shit started to get real. We'd be stocking up on Becca's Champagne Pop highlighter with ease in no time.

Or so we thought…

Alas, like many of our dreams (see: Jamie Dornan casually bumping into us in Sainos and falling madly in love), it looks like we shouldn’t have got our hopes up so high.

In her latest post on British Beauty Blog: Beauty Business News, beauty blogger Jane Cunningham has delivered a devastating blow.

Speaking about Sephora's return she said: "So, the latest updates on will-they-won’t-they come to the UK is that … brace yourselves.. they won’t."


"It’s very hard to know quite how this story began but at a certain point Sephora were definitely sounding out brands about stocking in the UK. Sephora is zero on communication so getting a definitive answer about their plans is a hopeless task. I reckon they were seriously looking at it and lost their nerve," she added.

Jane then continued: "In fact, I think it’s way too late for them. However, as a little sliver of hope, Sephora concessions opened up in JC Penney across the US in 2015 – there can’t NOT have been discussions for this model in the UK."

Sooooo, a small glimmer of hope – we could be seeing Sephora pop ups in our fave department stores.



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