The weird way beauty bloggers are using condoms...

Now this is a weird one...

Beauty bloggers are known for creating some rather interesting hacks.

We’ve seen some women using shaving gel to remove their make-up, while others are rubbing a fresh stick of deodorant over their face to help create a matte finish.

But this might just be the weirdest hack yet, and we're not sure whether we're feeling it just yet...

Bloggers are using condoms to boost the effects of their beauty blenders.

A YouTuber called Laila Tahri – who also started off the 2016 trend of using a silicone pad to apply foundation – uploaded a video where she demonstrated how a condom helps achieve the perfect blend.

Hm, OK…

In the video, she says: "I do prefer the sponge but then I thought if you just put some plastic around it works just the same and the sponge will not absorb all the makeup."

And this was how she devised the idea of using a condom as a cover for her beauty blender.

In the video she uses a regular Durex condom and cleans it to remove all the lubrication before wrapping it around her blender.

This is a VERY important step btw, if you're thinking of giving it a try.

She then uses the sponge as she normally would, by applying her foundation directly to it and using dabbing motions to blend the product.

Pausing after covering one side of her face she says: "I really wasn't expecting this. It blended out my foundation so beautifully."

Since Laila posted the video, other beauty bloggers have been trying out the new hack.

And, surprisingly, everyone seems to be loving it.

Maybe we should give it a try then…

Watch the full video below:


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