Cruelty-free perfumes you will LOVE

Smell AND feel good about these ethical fragrances

It's 2017, and it STILL takes us about 8000 years to find a fabulous fragrance option that doesn't test on animals.

But struggle no further, cruelty-free friends, we have compiled a list of the most amazing perfumes that you can buy with peace of mind...

Stella McCartney Stella

50ml £57

Yes, your favourite perfume brand IS cruelty-free! Stella McCartney is the queen of ethical brands. None of the products testing on animals, and she also doesn't use fur or leather in their accessories. Stella has a combined fragrance of roses, amber, peony flowers and mandarin.

Lush Gorilla Perfume

Start at £20

Thought Lush was just bath bombs? You were WRONG. The thought of capturing the scent as you walk past Lush and spraying it all over our bodies has us running to our nearest store asap. The Gorilla Perfume range is filled with LOADS of different scents, from Kerbside Violet to Princess Cottongrass.

Accessorize LOVELILLY

75ml(one size) £19

On the cheaper end of the scale, for the size, is this Accessorize perfume. This super girly scent filled with different fruity notes like raspberry and orange.


100ml(one size) £35

Just like their dresses, this floral fragrance oozes feminine glamour - mixing musky scents with flowery notes perfectly.

Abercrombie & Fitch Perfume No. 1 Undone

50ml £44

The Perfume No.1 range has a trio of scents to choose from, catering to all your different fragrance needs. Undone is their lightest, most romantic perfume with notes of Jasmine and Vanilla.

Eden Perfumes

30ml £18

Disappointed your favourite perfume isn't cruelty-free? Eden Perfumes is here to save your signature scented life. The company creates dupes of popular perfumes, from marc Jacobs Daisy to Viktor to Rolf Flowerbmb, so you can continue to wear your favourite fragrance without the ethical woes!

Next Just Pink

100ml £12

Next's own brand of perfumes are all cruelty-free and super affordable. The Just Pink fragrance is the perfect for everyday, due to its light, fresh wearability.

New Look After Glow

50ml £8.99

At this price, you can't go wrong with this fragrance that combines lilac, geranium and pink pepper for a floral-oriental scent.

The Body Shop White Musk

50ml £22

This best seller is the crowing jewel of cruelty-free fragrance, with the perfect mixture of velvety musk and sweet floral notes. As The Body Shop's no. 1 fragrance, it's definitely worth a purchase.

(NB: Though the brands listed don't themselves test on animals, some are owned by parent companies that aren't certified cruelty free)


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