You can officially buy Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion bubblebath

Well thank god for that

Those of you who have ever found yourself lying sadly in a nice hot bath thinking: ‘What this really needs is Polyjuice Potion themed bubbles tbh’ are in LUCK, because someone, somewhere has made a Polyjuice Potion bubblebath.

We personally try to incorporate Harry Potter in basically every facet of our life, so we are extremely grateful to Etsy shop TeaSoapBooks for their creation.

If you are wondering whether or not the ingredients include lacewing flies, boomslang skin (still wondering what that is), and a bit of whoever you’re turning into, don’t fret – it’s actually just a blend of green tea, cucumber and oakmoss. Which sounds much more relaxing.


And if that doesn't satifsy your Harry Potter-related bathing needs, you can also buy others - including pumpkin juice , Elixir of Life and Butter Beer.

In other Harry Potter news, have you seen this UH-MAZING Hogwarts body art? We are OBSSESSED.


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