You can now shop your fave Korean beauty products in the UK


When it comes to beauty innovation, Korea knows its shit. It's basically the reason BB cream's such a staple in our makeup bags, for crying out loud. We'd be nowhere (or at least look slightly less put-together) without it.

The only issue? Getting hold of that skin spritz you've heard rave reviews about or mud mask everyone's mad for can be tricky. But finally there's a way to get hold of your favourite Korean beauty products without an extensive eBay search and £2895 shipping fee.

BEHOLD: Ulzzang.

Ulzaang's basically the brainchild of Anna Wang and her business partner Dookyo Chung; who wanted to make Korean beauty bits accessible and afforable for us lot over here in the UK.

Fun fact: 'Ulzzang' actually means perfect skin. WHERE DO WE SIGN?

Ulzzang offer a range of products, from SPF to snail repair cream (yup), and stock only the best stuff from the Korean market. Interested? You can find 'em over here.

Oh, and their Instagram's on FLEEK. Yaaas.


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