Ryan Seacrest

heat Radio's Ryan Seacrest gives those 5SOS boys tips on being single

What are those 5 Seconds of Summer boys like, eh? The Australian pop-punksters (who are so young and vital that they scare us) dropped by Ryan Seacrest’s studio this week, to fill the American radio king in on all the goings on that they’d be up to on tour ¬– which, obviously, Ryan Seacrest used as an excuse to give them all a very sincere and frank birds and the bees talk about, to make sure they weren’t getting up to trouble with any girls.

Because, as the band explained, they are getting it from all angles, so to speak: their tour is bombarded with girls throwing themselves at the lads, and one hysterical fan even called in to tell them all how much they loved them. Turned out she didn’t have a ticket to see them on tour even though she’d queued up for two hours for one, so Ryan Seacrest butted in to invite her and her friend to go see the boys’ upcoming show – with VIP access and all the works. Aw.

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