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ACTUAL Madonna talks to heat radio's Ryan Seacrest about her Grammys bum flash: "Everyone's seen my naked butt"

If everyone's seen it, why does Madonna keep flashing it?

Brooklyn Beckham thinks his dad, David Beckham, is embarrassing. What do you think Madonna's kids think about this one?

The 56-year-old spoke to heat radio's Ryan Seacrest and INSISTED when she flashed her backside on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards on Sunday that it wasn't a deliberate move to be provocative. What was it then Madge?

Appaz she told Ryan, it's a thing called an ''an inspired accidental wardrobe malfunction''.

She continued to discuss: "I had a an inspired accidental wardrobe malfunction.

"You pose in front of the photographers and you have various X's to stand on as you walk down the red carpet. I wasn’t really mooning, it was an inspired accidental wardrobe malfunction and I just lifted up my dress up. Mooning is naked butt.

"But everyone’s seen my naked butt, well not for a while, not since the nineties."

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She told heat radio: ''It's the age of ass, isn't it? It was me having fun and being cheeky, no pun intended.''

Madge also spoke of her saucy performance of Living For Love and said: "It felt amazing, doing live tv is super nerve wracking - with so many possibilities going wrong. And we hadn’t had so many rehearsals."

She went on to make the studio heckle with laughter when she admitted of the choreography: ''The one thing everyone forgot to do,was tell me when I could sit up [in the harness]. So, I'm laying back there, like forever in this super extreme back bend, hanging over the audience.

''I was like 'Can I sit up now? Is the camera off of me? No one said, 'M you can sit up now' in my ears. It was the one moment everyone overlooked. Eventually, I sat up and was like 'Screw this, my back is killing me.' ''

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