Ryan Seacrest and Will Smith

Ryan Seacrest

Will Smith chats to Ryan Seacrest on heat Radio TOMORROW - GAH!


Will Smith is a bit of a legend EVERYWHERE, so we’re very excited to tell you he’s coming to heat Radio! YES!

The Will-meister is going to chat to the lovely Ryan Seacrest on his show at 2.15pm tomorrow about his new film Focus, in which he stars opposite Margo Robbie as a veteran conman.

Will has a wealth of experience when it comes to acting but claims he needed a confidence boost from his wife Jada Pinkett Smith when it came to performing with Margo.

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He says: “When I first got the screenplay for Focus and then Margo got cast and Jada looked up Margo online and saw that she was 23 years old and in perfect condition, Jada looked at me and said, ‘Boy you need to go to the gym right now.’”

Will even opens up about the time he stole a pack of gum to prepare for his role as a conman, just so he knew what it feels like to be REALLY naughty.

But the star doesn’t only talk about movies – he even hints he may possibly be hooking up with Kanye West to work on an exciting new project.

Tune in to heat Radio tomorrow at 2.15pm to hear the full interview.

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