Scotty T starred in a Basshunter video and it is EVERYTHING

Behold the peroxide hair of doom

Scotty T has been famous for a fair few years now, but did you know his first taste of the big-time was starring in a Basshunter video?

Yessiree, and it is quite the visual treat.

Scott was approached to be in the video for Every Morning while on a lads' holiday in Tenerife - and the person who approached him was none other than TOWIE's Pascale Craymer.

As Scotty explains in his new book A Shore Thing:

"A gorgeous girl came bounding up to us with a big friendly smile on her face. She was fit as f*ck and I was all ready to jam me face between her bum cheeks when she said to us, 'Hey boys, me name is Pascale. How do you fancy appearing in a Basshunter video tomorrow?'."

Scotty, obviously, agreed, and he and his friends shot the video the next day on a yacht, at a hotel and on the beach.

And THIS is the result:

See that mop of bright blond hair attached to a body that's busy grinding on actual Pascale? That's Scotty.

And see that guy casually leaning on the side of a yacht while Basshunter looks really miserably at the camera? Scotty.

And what about this chump yanking on an important bit of boat cable while dancing? Scottster.

Finally, how about this noob pretending to shimmy to some piped music? You guessed it: Scott Timlin.

How precious and perfect is this video? When the sun stops burning and YouTube's servers crash and the whole world slowly blinks out country by country, this is the last image we'll see burned onto our retinas.

Well, that or his Neighbours' debut.

Scotty T: A Shore Thing is out on Thursday 20 October by Simon & Schuster.

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