WATCH: Take That hint at Robbie and Jason's return for 25th anniversary

Is this the news we've been waiting for?!

We've been excited at the prospect of a Spice Girls anniversary reunion for what feels like FOREVER, but can we now look forward to a Take That reunion in 2017 as well?!

Watch to see what Gary, Mark and Howard have to say about that, and their bodies (yep, really):

We heard the rumours that Robbie Williams was in top secret talks a couple of years ago about a Take That mega reunion, but now current bandmates Gary, Howard and Mark have also hinted that Robbie and Jason could make a return.

It's been 25 years (yes, TWENTY-FIVE YEARS) since Take That first released music, and when asked about a potential reunion as a five-piece, Howard said they're going to "hopefully maybe get Robbie and Jason on board" (SCREEAAAAAAAM).

C'mon guys, we want you back, we want you back, we want you back for gooooooood.


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