Public service announcement: A THREE LITRE bottle of Prosecco now exists


Think it's too soon to be planning your Christmas party schedule? THINK AGAIN, honey. To quote our nan, the weather's 'taken a turn' and we'd be lying if we said we haven't picked out this year's coat and a couple of potential glittery af garments for the office do.

If we were gonna be as lazy as to nick a Game of Thrones reference, we'd say WINTER IS COMING. And we are.

Anyway, one brilliant thing about the holiday season is it's basically acceptable to drink Prosecco continuously (while remembering to stay hydrated, kids) from around December 5th-January 1st. So thank heavens Aldi are launching a THREE-LITRE bottle of the stuff soon.

We're aware we've resorted to caps a lot in this article. We're just excited, alright?

Aldi launches its first ever jeroboam of proper-fancy DOCG Prosecco later this autumn, after its magnums of sparkling wine and Champagne went down an absolute storm with shoppers.

In case you're trying to put this in context, three litres is essentially 24 glasses. And you know what that means? A hell of a lot of basic bitch 'CHEERS' Boomerangs are comin' your way on Snapchat and/or Instagram Stories. Whichever tickles your pickle.

The Prosecco Jeroboam DOCG, £39.99, will be available in Aldi stores from November 14th and we've already got the date in our diary tbh.


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