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Someone has made the love potion from Harry Potter and we NEED IT

Like, literally, NEED it

This year Valentine's Day was a bit of a shit show for us here at heat. The majority of it was spent in our slobbiest pyjamas watching a load of crappy Netflix rom-coms and devouring a mountain of pesto pasta. Single and proud.

So when we heard that YouTube star Rosanna Pansino had taken the time to make a real life version of the Harry Potter love potion – Amortentia – as part of her Nerdy Nummies series, we were THRILLED.

If you're not entirely sure what this magical love potion we're speaking of is (who even are you??) then let us quickly explain.

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince we learn about Amortentia, which - as Rosanna kindly points out – is actually an infatuation potion ‘cos love potions aren’t actually a thing.

And to cut a looooong story short, Romilda Vain accidentally makes Ron Weasley fall head-over-heels for her when he wolfs down a box of Valentine's chocs laced with the love potion and intended as a little treat for the main man, Hazza P. Got it?


Well here's a little vid explaining how we can make our own infatuation-inducing lurrrrve drink.

It sounds positively sickly sweet but equally kinda delicious, right?

While this IRL version is made up of ice cream, raspberry sorbet, club soda and lemonade, in Harry Potter Amortentia supposedly smells like the things people are attracted to. In Harry's case it is treacle tart, a broomstick and Ginny Weasley's hair (lol) for Hermione it was freshly mown grass, new parchment and - depending if you’re a book or a film fan – Ron's hair (lol) or spearmint toothpaste.

And rumour has it, the Dark Lord himself was actually conceived while is father was under the influence of the potion. Probably explains a lot…

BRB we're off to go and whip up a quick batch for our long list of unrequited loves.


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