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Remember young Tom Riddle from the Half-Blood Prince? This is what he looks like now :O

As hot as fiendfyre tbh

Can you even believe that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince came out almost NINE YEARS ago?

We feel almost as old as Ron's Aunt Muriel.

And because we all love a 'OMG LOOK WHO'S GROWN UP NOW' transformation (don't lie, you secretly love 'em), you all really need to see what young Tom Riddle looks like now.

Remember young Tom Riddle? The little guy who made Dumbledore set a wardrobe on fire? The lil guy who 'makes animals do things without training them, makes things move without touching them, and inflicts bad things on people whenever he fancies?

Yep, almost as scary as the adult Voldemort.

Hero Fiennes-Tiffin was just 11-years-old whe he was cast as young Tom Riddle and he's also related to legendary actor Ralph Fiennes - the actor who played Lord Voldemort in all eight movies - but Harry Potter film director David Yates insisted that Hero was picked for his dark, haunting qualities and nothing more.

Basically he's just FAB at being moody AF.

And guess what? He's now all grown-up and has just signed with top modelling agency Storm Models.


Still moody AF.


Almost as good as Neville Longbottom's transformation, don'tcha think?


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