Mary-Kate and Ashley's PERFUME's coming

Soz, Sephora. It's ours now.

We love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen so bloody much we don't think twice about devoting an entire Sunday to vintage episodes of So Little Time. Seriously, controverisal statement but not even Love Island can match our adoration of that show. And guess what? Now we can literally SMELL like the twins, too.

Yup - we don't know if you were already aware of this, but Mary-Kate and Ashley actually have their own snazzy perfume brand that goes by the name of Elizabeth and James Nirvana. Until now, it's only been available across the pond in US Sephora stores; but it's officially being brought to the UK and if we're not among the first to Instagram it there'll be hell to pay.

You might've seen the oh-so-fancy bottles of Nirvana Black and Nirvana White on the 'gram after they gained cult status with beauty bloggers and regular muggles alike, and now it's been announced Harrods will exclusively be stocking the entire Nirvana range.

See ya, savings. BUH-BYE, bank balance. Financial stability's overrated.

Chatting about said UK launch, Ashley said: "Our nirvana is reflected in the juice, bottle, packaging and campaign imagery for Elizabeth and James Nirvana. We’re excited to share it with our customers in London."

'Juice.' Good word.

Mary-Kate and Ashley's line launches over here on July 21st at Harrods. Hoorah.


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