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Who is Kayleigh Taylor? Everything you need to know about The X-Factor 2017 contestant

Well, we didn't expect that Kayleigh.

The X-Factor blessed our screens last weekend and of course, we are loving it. Whilst it is a sign that winter (oh gosh, and Christmas) is rapidly approaching, X-Factor is a delightful distraction.

Fans of the show were left in absolute shock after one particular person's audition – Kayleigh Taylor. The Liverpudlian hit the stage with her belting voice and left viewers stunned.

Did Kayleigh Taylor get through to the next stage of The X-Factor 2017? Was she on Jeremy Kyle?

Read on to find out more about Kayleigh Taylor.

Who is Kayleigh Taylor?

Kayleigh Taylor is 27-years-old and lives in Liverpool. Kayleigh is a mother of three and lives with her children and fiancé. She is currently unemployed but she used to work in a fish and chip shop a few years ago because she "loves her food and loves the smell of fish."

The Liverpudlian, Kayleigh, started singing 5 years ago in Benidorm at a resort entertainment show called 'Benidorm's Got Talent.'

Kayleigh Taylor first X-Factor audition

Kayleigh auditioned singing Evanescence My Immortal.


What were people's reactions to Kayleigh Taylor's X-Factor 2017 audition?

Does Kayleigh Taylor love Simon Cowell? <3

Yep. Kayleigh definitely loves Simon Cowell. She reckons he's "fit for his age."

Kayleigh even tattooed his name on her lower back! Her tattoo says 'Simon Cowell loves Kayleigh' with a love heart in the middle. She got the tattoo done in Magluf for only €10.

Did the judges like Kayleigh Taylor?

Before auditioning Kayleigh said "I would be happy with 1 yes. But I'd love to get 4."

The X-Factor judges were left stunned. Kayleigh received a well-deserved 4 yesses.

In addition to her references about her weight, Kayleigh made a joke and compared herself to Little Britain comedy character Vicky Pollard. Judge, Sharon, gave her some reassuring advice and said: "Stop all the crap about the weight, it's all about YOU. If you want it to be."

Kayleigh welled up.

Was Kayleigh Taylor on Jeremy Kyle?

Yes, she was. You were probably bangin' your head wondering where you had seen Kayleigh before, right?

Kayleigh appeared on The Jeremy Kyle show three years ago in a segment called 'I found my long-lost father and I hope DNA proves he's not my dad.' On the episode, Kayleigh's estranged father accused her of stealing his mobile phone. Kayleigh denied stealing his phone. However, she failed the lie detector test.

Kayleigh told The Sun: "I don’t pretend to be perfect. I'm human. I've made a number of mistakes in the past and I'm now trying to better my life."

What's Kayleigh Taylor's Instagram? What's Kayleigh Taylor's Twitter?

Sorry, peeps. Kayleigh is currently not on Instagram or Twitter… not yet anyway.

The X-Factor continues on ITV1 at 8pm on Saturday.


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